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Playing the Pools

The sheet is pulled back; the body is face down. He looks to the left shoulder for no more than a second or two and sees a tattoo. It’s a Tranmere Rovers crest, with the club’s motto, ‘Lux et Robur’, indelibly marked on the yellowing skin.

He knows who this is. He nods again.

In 1960s Liverpool, life is hard for Reggie Kellison. His marriage is stalling, baby number six is on its way, a fall out at work has put his nose out of joint and the football team he supports offers little relief.

But Reggie has a plan.

If it works it could give him the life, lover, and money he dreams of. If it doesn’t, a jail sentence could be on the cards.

Either way, he can only find out by risking everything, and playing the pools.



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What David Says

Playing the Pools is my third novel. Reggie Kellison is based upon my Dad, but the character isn’t really my Dad. It’s really a tale of thwarted ambition and how life grinds you down. The constant theme is Reggie & Tranmere Rovers. But this isn’t about that’s just about football. It’s about family ties, love and how the best laid plans can be thwarted.

Miscellaneous Fact: The Halfway House, a pub featured in the book, is often where you’ll find me before a game at Tranmere..